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At build-time, when encountering a service annotated with the alloy#simpleRestJson protocol, Smithy4s will automatically generate an openapi "view" for this service.

namespace smithy4s.example

use alloy#simpleRestJson

service HelloWorldService {
version: "1.0.0"
operations: [Hello]

The smithy4s-http4s-swagger module provides a one liner function to serve swagger-ui using that generated openapi view. By default, the documentation is routed under the /docs path.

In build.sbt

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
// version sourced from the plugin
"com.disneystreaming.smithy4s" %% "smithy4s-http4s-swagger" % smithy4sVersion.value

In Docs.scala, create an instance of the documentation HttpRoutes. There are multiple ways to do that. Pick the one you need:

import org.http4s._
import cats.effect.IO
// the package under which the scala code was generated
import smithy4s.example.hello._

object Docs {
val myDocRoutes: HttpRoutes[IO] =[IO](HelloWorldService)

// documentation served at /custom-docs
val customPath: HttpRoutes[IO] ="custom-docs")(HelloWorldService)

// documentation served at /docs with multiple service specification defined.
val multipleServices: HttpRoutes[IO] =[IO](HelloWorldService, HelloWorldService)

// documentation served at /custom-docs with swagger assets from `/swagger-ui-path`
// (from the classpath) being used.
val customSetup =[IO]

As a reminder, http4s' HttpRoutes can be composed using the <+> operator

import smithy4s.http4s._
import cats.effect.IO
import cats.implicits._
import org.http4s.implicits._
import smithy4s.example.hello._

// ...
val docRoutes = docs[IO](HelloWorldService)
val app = SimpleRestJsonBuilder
.map(serviceRoutes => docRoutes <+> serviceRoutes)

Swagger UI

When you visit your documentation page, you'll be served with a Swagger UI application that looks like this:

Swagger UI preview

If your documentation route supports multiple service, the dropdown in the top bar (top right) should allow you to select other specifications:

Swagger UI specification dropdown selection