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Scala wildcard type arguments

Scala has a specific syntax for wildcard argument in types. In Scala 2, that was the underscore: _. But with Scala 3, this is changing. See the language reference page for more information.

Smithy4s now has a way for you to control that, and the good thing is that you probably don't have to worry about it. If you're using Smithy4s via mill or sbt, then it's taken care of you. It can be overriden via the following keys:

  • in mill, task: def smithy4sWildcardArgument = "?" // or "_"
  • in sbt, setting: smithy4sWildcardArgument := "?" // or "_"

If you are using Smithy4s via the CLI, then they way to utilize this feature is through your Smithy specifications. The simplest approach is to add a file with the following content to your CLI invocation:

$version: "2"

metadata smithy4sWildcardArgument = "?" // can also be `_`